News from the Centre in 2008

CHCAP Seminar

CHCAP Seminar: French Culture in regional development, tourism and education

CHCAP runs a series of public seminars with international and Australian speakers covering a large range of cultural heritage and museum studies themes.

Deakin University's Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific (CHCAP) is presenting a special seminar from 10:30 am - 12:00 noon on Wednesday, 22 October on the Burwood Campus in room number he1.017.

The seminar will be given by Pascal Trarieux, Director and Conservator in the Musee de Beaux Arts (Fine Arts Museum), Nimes, France, who is in Australia for a brief visit arranged by Simon Klose, Director of the Benalla Art Gallery.

The topic of Pascal's seminar is 'French Culture in regional development, tourism and education'.

We all know how the French love their culture. In fact, on a per capita basis France provides one of the highest levels of funding to culture. It has an enormous national government department devoted to culture (as well as regional and city departments), and the links with education and tourism are strong and important. They have provided France with a massive tourism economy, a high level of national connectedness and an unshakeable national pride.

Between France and Australia there are many differences - but in the differences lie opportunities. This talk will broadly outline one country's cultural strategy providing an opportunity to build enhanced cultural development strategies for Australian cultural organisations.

NCEIS Conference

Professor Fethi Mansouri: Keynote Speaker, NCEIS Conference 2008

Professor Fethi Mansouri will be one of the keynote speaker at Challenges to Social Inclusion in Australia: The Muslim Experience, the conference hosted by National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies Australia (NCEIS). Professor Mansouri will be presenting a paper on Multiculturalism, Secularism and the Racialisation of Muslim Australians.

The National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies in University of Melbourne is hosting a two-day conference exploring issues of social inclusion and Muslim integration in Australia by exploring key areas of Muslim access to education and employment as critical aspects of social integration, the conference will bring into focus public policy that is designed to facilitate social inclusion, and will also explore the impact of such policies, especially among Muslim youth and women. . The conference aims to bring together academic scholars, policymakers and community leaders to discuss the issues of social inclusion and Muslim integration in Australia. The Hon. Laurie Ferguson MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement will officially open the conefrence on 19 November 2008 at the Carillo Gantner theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Prof. Howard Brasted, University of New England
  • Dr. Jacqui Ewart, Griffith University
  • Emeritus Prof. Riaz Hassan, Flinders University
  • Mr. Eeqbal Hassim, National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies
  • Ms. Jamila Hussain, University of Technology Sydney
  • Prof. Fethi Mansouri, Deakin University
  • A/Prof. Samina Yasmeen, University of Western Australia
  • Dr. Halim Rane, Griffith University
  • Mr. Matthew Richman, Australia and New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA)
  • Dr Joel Windle, Monash University

ICG congratulate Anthea Whan

ICG congratulate Anthea Whan, Master of International & Community Development student at Deakin

Anthea Whan was selected for a 12-month project under the Commonwealth Government's Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development(AYAD) program in 2002. The AYAD program took her far from her office job in Melbourne into the humid and complex environment of a developing country in the south pacific, Vanuatu. It was here that Anthea decided to pursue a career in community development. After completing the AYAD program Anthea returned to Melbourne and set about determining how to take the next step in a pursuing a career in development.

That next step came in the form of a 6-month placement with Indigenous Community Volunteers in a remote Indigenous community in Australia's Gulf of Carpentaria. Although only 6-months, the project provided Anthea with an insight to many of the social and development issues affecting Australia's Indigenous communities.

Anthea's next career move involved moving to the remote regional centre of Kununurra, in Western Australia's far north-east, to take up a position with a small Indigenous not-for-profit organisation. Wunan Foundation aims to improve the lives of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, through education, training and employment and by creating reward for effort and disincentives for passivity.

Whilst working at Wunan, Anthea enrolled in a Masters of International and Community Development through Deakin University. At the end of a two year contract with Wunan, Anthea took up a 3-month contract with the Department for Families and Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) to develop baseline community profiles for Indigenous communities throughout the East Kimberley.

With the FaHCSIA contract drawing to a close, Anthea has accepted a position as a Program Coordinator with Save the Children, in Kununurra. Anthea said the skills she is gaining through her involvement in the Deakin Master's program have been invaluable in undertaking on-the-ground field work required in the FaHCSIA contract, and in assessing the results of similar projects across Australia. Her new role with Save the Children will require her to implement the knowledge she has gained throughout the Master's program thus far. She is looking forward to being able to directly apply her coursework in this role.

Book chapters in Seize the Day

Book chapters in Seize the Day: Exhibitions, Australia and the World by CHCAP members

Linda Young and Jonathan Sweet both have chapters in a newly published collection: Seize the Day: Exhibitions, Australia and the World, edited by Kate Darian-Smith, Richard Gillespie, Caroline Jordan, Elizabeth Willis.

The book comes out of a conference held at Melbourne Museum in November 2006. It is produced as an e-book by Monash University ePress, or in hard copy via print-on-demand by Sydney University Press.

Jonathan Sweet, International exhibition postcards: Tangible reflections of an ephemeral pastLinda Young, 'How like England we can be: The Australian international exhibitions in the nineteenth century

ISBN (paperback): 978-0-9804648-0-1 
ISBN (web): 978-0-9804648-1-8

Retail prices
Paperback: $54.95 (not including postage and handling) 
Online for individuals: AUD $34.95

Political Islam and Human Security

Second edition of Political Islam and Human Security by Fethi Mansouri and Shahram Akbarzadeh out now

Political Islam and Human Security Mansouri, F. and Akbarzade, S. (eds.) (2008) Cambridge Scholars Publishing, London, pp.312.

The second edition of Political Islam and Human Security edited by Professor Fethi Mansouri and Dr Shahram Akbarzadeh is out now. In the wake of the September 11 and subsequent terrorist attacks, the academic and media commentaries on Islam the religion and Islam the basis for political ideology has received an unprecedented high level of exposure and attention. The acts of political violence by extremist groups and the omnipresent war on terror have added fresh uncertainties to an already complex global order. Just as terrorism and counter-terrorism are locked in a mutually re-enforcing symbiosis, the sense of insecurity felt by Muslims and non-Muslims alike is mutually dependent and has the potential to escalate. This general assessment holds true for Muslims living in the Muslim world and beyond. The pervasive sense of being under attack physically and culturally by the United States and its allies has contributed to a growing unease among Muslims and re-enforced deep-seated mistrust of the 'West'. Public articulation of such misgivings has in turn, lent credence to Western observers who posit an inherent antipathy between the West and the Muslim world. The subsequent policies that have emerged in this context of fear and mutual distrust have contributed to the vicious cycle of insecurity. The present volume is anchored in the current debates on the uneasy and potentially mutually destructive relationship between the Muslim world and certain West countries. It brings together leading international scholars in this interdisciplinary field to deal with such inter-related questions as the nature of Islamism, the impact of the 'war on terror' on the spread of militancy, the growing sense of being under siege by Muslim Diasporas and the many unintended ramifications of a security-minded world order. This second volume deliberately focuses on these issues both at a broad theoretical level but more importantly in the form of a number of prominent case studies including Indonesia, Algeria and Turkey.

Identity Politics and Minorities

Fethi Mansouri, Keynote Speaker at the International Conference on Identity Politics and Minorities in the English-speaking World and France: Rhetoric and Reality, 26-27 March 2009

Prof. Fethi Mansouri will be a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Identity Politics and Minorities in the English-speaking World and France:Rhetoric and Reality that will be held in University Paris XIII, France in March 2009. Fethi is also a member of the scientific committee.

The other members of the scientific committee are: 
Dr Vanessa Castejon (University Paris 13)
Prof. Didier Fassin (University Paris 13) 
Dr Rim Latrache (University Paris 13)
Prof. Françoise Lejeune (University Nantes, France)
Prof. Fethi Mansouri (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
Dr Olivette Otele (University Paris 13)
Prof. Claire Parfait (University Paris 13)
Prof. François Poirier (University Paris 13)

Commitment to Young Australians

Centre for Citizenship,Development and Human Rights and the Commitment to Young Australians

ICG research Centre, Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Rights(CCDHR) has chosen to support the Commitment to Young Australians, an initiative of Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY).

Dr Michael Leach, Acting Director, CCDHR signed 'A Commitment to Young Australians,' on Thursday, 18 September 2008. Other members present were Professor Fethi Mansouri (ICG Director), Dr Isamet Fanany and Dr Nicole Oke (ICG Researchers).

As an organisation that signed the Commitment, CCDHR will be helping to create the social, cultural, political and economic environment in which the wellbeing and development of all children and young people can be assured.

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