International Symposium on Multiculturalism

Reframing multiculturalism for the 21st century's realities

Monday 21 November – Tuesday 22 November 2011
University of Ottawa, Canada


Citizens of multicultural nations often struggle to realize and establish an identity that bridges both their complex past with the uniqueness of their multiple cultural connections as well as their (trans)national belongings. Indeed, in many cases, multiculturalism, as a political structure based on institutionalizing social justice and social equality in many nations is being challenged, not merely because such politics for equality and social justice have failed to establish their main objectives, but because the ideal of such politics must not disregard the human capacity to resist, negotiate or embrace.

The Centre for Citizenship and Globalization, and the Audiovisual Media Lab for the study of Cultures and Societies at theUniversity of Ottawa, hosted an International Symposium on the topic of Multiculturalism at the University of Ottawa on November 21st and 22nd 2011.

This international workshop on multiculturalism was a follow up from the symposium that took place at Deakin University in November 2010. The focus of this edition is to outline the "challenges" for and "reframing" of multiculturalism for the 21st Century's realities and global knowledge-economy.


  • Elizabeth Rata
    University of Auckland, New Zealand

  • Sirma Bilge
    Université De Montréal, Canada

  • Maja Povrzanovic Frykman
    Malmö Högskola, Sweden

  • Michèle Grossman,
    Victoria University, Australia

  • Sierra Zayda
    Medellín, Colombia

  • Carmen Rico De Sotelo
    Université Du Québec À Montréal, Canada

  • Kevin Dunn
    University of Western Sydney, Australia

  • Afef Benessaieh
    Télé-Université Du Québec À Montréal, Canada

  • Paul Morris
    Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

  • Patrick Imbert
    University of Ottawa, Canada

  • Gary Craig / Hannah Lewis
    Durham University, Uk / University of Leeds, Uk.

  • Romain Garbaye
    Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris Iii, France

  • Felipe Arocena
    Universidad De La Republica, Uruguay

  • Sue Kenny
    Deakin University, Australia

  • Shahram Akbarzadeh / Peucker Mario
    University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Christophe Bertossi
    Center For Migrations And Citizenship At The French Institute of International Relations (Ifri), Paris, France

  • Willie Van Der Merwe
    Department of Philosophy of The University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

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