Young Leaders Forum

22 October 2011


Deakin University's "Social Networks & Belonging" project held a forum bringing together young leaders from African, Arabic, and Pacific Islander backgrounds aged from 15-25.

This event allowed young leaders to make a valuable conribution to improving Youth Services in Australia. It included activities, guest speakers, facilitated discussions, and more.

About the project

 The "Social Networks, Belonging and Active Citizenship among Migrant youth in Australia" project was a four year, national research project that seeks to learn more about migrant youth and social networks. The project investigated the ways in which young people of Arab, Pacific Islander and African backgrounds develop a sense of social connectedness and belonging in Australia.

The findings improved our understanding of the challenges faced by migrant young people, and the ways they cope with these challenges. We are committed to ensuring that research findings translate into practical recommendations for service providers. The findings will be shared through collaborative symposiums, workshops and policy recommendations.

The participants in the October forum are a vital element in ensuring that this project is reflective of the contemporary viewpoints and experience of young migrant leaders living in Australia today. In addition, the young people will also:

* connect with other young leaders and explore what leadership does and can imply
* explore some of the positive things taking place in your community
* talk about things that are important to you, your friends, and family
* discover and learn about other cultures
* tell facilitators how positive change can be achieved
* receive recognition and participation certificate for your contribution and a book or movie voucher!

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