Iraq 10 Years On


The tenth anniversary of the war in Iraq offered a timely opportunity to review the successes and failures of Australia's role in the war and the tenuous and difficult relationship between the two nations beyond the withdrawal. This symposium confronted a significant lacuna in academic and policy debates by engaging diplomatic staff, politicians, academics, business leaders, policy-makers, Iraqi expatriates, media and NGO's concerned with Iraq in a robust exchange of ideas on the following key questions:

1. What were the key factors that led to the intervention and occupation of Iraq? What were the goals and how can we measure their successes and/or failures?
2. What is the legacy of the intervention in Iraq? And to what extent have bi- and multi-lateral relations between US/UK/AUS and Iraq been shaped by the intervention, occupation and withdrawal?
3. What are the lessons that have been learned in the last decade for the US/UK/AUS in terms of engagement with Iraq and the broader Middle East? And what are the examples of the most obvious failures and successes in Iraq since 2003?
4. What are the major opportunities and/or roadblocks on the path to investment, development, peace, security and mutually beneficial relations between US/UK/AUS and Iraq? And what are the opportunities to enhance the US/UK/AUS role in Iraq in the short- and long-term?

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Dr Benjamin Isakhan is Australian Research Council Discovery (DECRA) Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Citizenship and Globalization at Deakin University, Australia. Dr Isakhan's most recent book is entitled Democracy in Iraq: History, Politics and Discourse (Ashgate, 2012). His current research includes the ARC-funded project 'Measuring the Destruction of Heritage and Spikes of Violence in Iraq' (DE120100315) which involves several field trips to Iraq.


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