Launches hosted by the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation in 2013

Book Launch: Journalism Ethics and Law


In November 2013 CCG celebrated the launch of Dr Janine Little's new book, Journalism Ethics and Law: Stories of Media Practice launched by:

Professor Jane den Hollander
Vice Chancellor, Deakin University

Published by Oxford University Press, Journalism Ethics and Law ignites the conversation about journalism ethics and the function of the law in today's media. Emphasising a practical work-based approach to develop best practice multimedia journalism; this book presents a combined ethics and law experience for journalism students and uses stories and case studies to highlight the most significant questions for the practice of law and ethics today.

Journalism Ethics and Law offers readers a new way about thinking about journalism ethics and empowers future journalists to make good and ethical decisions in the field.

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Report Launch: Social Networks ARC Report

In November 2013 the ARC Linkage Report on Social Networks, Belonging and Active Citizenship Amongst Migrant Youth in Australia was launched by:

Maria Vamvakinou MP
Federal Member for Calwell

This project focused on youth from three Australian migrant communities at the centre of recent debates about migrant integration, intercultural conflict and social cohesion. It investigated the role of formal and informal networks in creating among migrant youth a sense of belonging to the mainstream society.

The project also redressed a critical gap in popular and official understandings of the social fabric of Australia and provides benchmark data for improved government and community services in the area of migrant youth. It examined and assessed the role of social networks in informing young people's sense of belonging and active participation in the community of citizens.

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