Contentious Activism

The Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation recently celebrated the launch of Dr Danielle Chubb's new book Contentious Activism and Inter-Korean Relations with special guest the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

"A well-known image shows the enormous contrast between South and North Korea in a most vivid way.  South Korea, like neighbouring China, viewed from a satellite, is ablaze with light.  It is one of the most successful, innovative and creative economies on earth.  North Korea is a land of utter darkness.  Only a few specs emanate from where Pyongyang is.  And in that dark space lives a people whose human rights are abused.  As the UN Commission of Inquiry reported to the Human Rights Council in March 2014, North Koreas is an unrepaired place where crimes against humanity occur, unimpeded and unrepaired.  This is why the Commission recommended reference of the matter to the International Criminal Court.  This new book examines the history of the two Korean countries over the past 50 years, since a two thousand year nation was artificially divided.  It explains the tensions in South Korea between the so called "Sunshine" policy of the 1990s and the more "hardline" strategies followed over the past decade.  The author Danielle Chubb, brilliantly analyses inter-Korean relations over 50 years and tries to explain why many young Koreans today in the South, are less passionate about re-unification than their forebears.  At a time when a new, sharp and realistic spotlight is being shone on both parts of the Korean peninsula by the United Nations, this book helps the reader to understand present attitudes as outgrowths of the great sufferings of the Korean War of the 1950s.  It portrays Korea as a house and family divided.  But how to promote unification as a practical goal is a puzzle that this book tries to resolve." - The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

Photograph by Marcus Mok

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