CCG Membership Key Terms and FAQ

Eligible Employee

An eligible employee is an employee of Deakin University, employed on either a fixed term or ongoing basis at a fraction greater than .5 EFT (equivilent full time).

Research Active

To be considered research active, the member must have accrued a minimum of 3 research points in the previous 3 years.

Note: the current year does not count for accural purposes.

Members are advised that a new, graduated definition of research active will be adopted in 2014.

Calculation of Research Points

Research points are calculated as below. To be considered research active, a member may accrue points in any category or mix of categories.

Publications and/or creative outputs Research income HDR Completions Esteem Measures

A1 = 5 points

B1 = 1 point

C1 = 1 point

E1 = .5 points (1.5 point maximum)

J1 = 1 to 5 points

$20,000 p.a. in any category of externalresearch grant income, weighted according to percentage of CI contribution

= 2 points per $20k (Cat 1)

= 1 point per $20k

1 principal supervision to successful completion of a PhD = 1 point.

1 principal supervision to successful completion of a Masters by Research = 0.5 point.

1 externally awarded prize, award, or other esteem measure recognised in ERA

= 3 points (maximum)

NB: This information was current as of January 2014 and may be subject to change.

Sample calculation:
Researcher A has produced 2 C1 journal articles in 2011 and 1 B1 book chapter in 2012. Researcher A is research active in 2013 but must accrue at least 2 points in 2013 to be research active in 2014.

Research Interests

The research interests of Centre members will broadly fit within at least one of CCG thematic research groups.

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