New Book: Anti-Discrimination Law

CCG's Dr Dominique Allen has co--authored a book about Australia's anti-discrimination laws with Professor Neil Rees (University of the Sunshine Coast) and Professor Simon Rice (the Australian National University)

Australian Anti-Discrimination Law contains a detailed analysis of Australian anti-discrimination law, as well as extracts from the key cases and the writings of leading commentators. The authors comprehensively examine the difficult concepts of direct and indirect discrimination, as well as the grounds of unlawful discrimination, such as race, sex, age and disability, and the areas of activity in which discrimination is unlawful, including federal industrial relations law.

The book records the history of the major pieces of anti-discrimination legislation, examines important international developments, and includes numerous suggestions for reforming the law. The book will be of interest to lawyers and human rights practitioners. The chapters about procedure and remedies will be particularly important to lawyers and others practicing in the field. For more information or to purchase Australian Anti-Discrimination Law visit the Federation Press website.

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