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PhD Candidates associated with the Centre

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Professor Baogang He

Mr Kong Chan
China on the Korean Peninsula: Challenging the United States for regional and global leadership

Mr Tristan Galloway
China's approach to domestic and global internet governance

Mr Eko Saputro
Regulatory regionalism of the ASEAN plus three financial cooperation - Indonesian perspective, roles and responses

Dr David Hundt

Mr Michael Crisp
Critical realism, international power transitions, and the rise of China

Dr Benjamin Isakhan

Ms Diane Siebrandt
Assessing Cross-Cultural Relationships between US and Coalition Military Forces and Iraqi Cultural Heritage Professionals at Archaeological Sites during the Iraq War

Dr Michele Lobo

Mr David Kelly
Acculturation and the construction of the Other:Intercultural encounters in the Northern Australian town of Broome

Dr Karen Lane

Mr Luke Bearup
A Cambodian success story: Reintegration for the sex trafficked and abused

Mrs Irene Helmer
The dog and the post-human condition: barking back at the law

Ms Maxine Therese
Navigating consciousness: An exploration and investigation into childhood spirituality

Alfred Deakin Professor Fethi Mansouri

Ms Elizabeth Effeney
Acculturation experiences of resettled Iraqi refugees in Australia: Towards social exclusion or inclusion?

Mr Wael Tarek Elhabrouk
People power, the military and the Arab spring

Mr Ahmed Abdul Karim Hassin
Effectiveness of civil society in nation-building and post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq

Ms Natalia Pereira
Irregular Migration in the Southeast Asian Region 

Ms Tori Stratford
Community detention of Hazara unaccompanied minors - resilience, independence, wellbeing

Mr Irfan Yusef
Young Muslim males in Australian cities and their attitude to jihad 

Associate Professor Darren Palmer

Mr Morgan Richard Burcher
Outsmarting the 'new' criminals and terrorists: Network analysis and criminal intelligence 

Mrs Clare Farmer
Punishment without conviction: Banning orders and the challenge to 'due process' 

Mr Christopher Linke
Australian police memorialisation, commemoration and remembrance 

Dr Michael Andrew Milgate
From restoration to retribution: Evolution in the treatment of wrongdoing in early English law 

Ms Jessica Alyce Saligari
Police response to situations involving people with a mental illness in Geelong

Professor Yin Paradies

Mr Amanuel Habtegiorgis
 Measuring the Economic Consequences of Racial Discrimination

Ms Melody Velasquez-Tan
Population profiling of race-related attitudes in Australia

Dr Chengxin Pan

Mr Roger Stephen Bamforth
The role of Chinese identity claims in post-Cold War Sino-American relations

Associate Professor Andrew Scott

Dr Danial Christopher Lah
Blood sport: adversarial politics in Australia

Dr Matthew Sharpe

Mr Dylan Nickelson
The idea of unity in Thomas Hobbes' political philosophy

Mr Rory Lachlan Jeffs
Hegel's dialectic of desire and 20th century French philosophy

Dr Steven Slaughter

Mrs Suzanne Elizabeth Keene
Beyond reaction: the responsibility to protect the United Nations

Professor Stan van Hooft

Mr Daniel Connell
Nietzsche, Adorno and Heidegger

Mr Peter Robert Hotchin
A naturalistic metaphysic of morality

Alfred Deakin Professor David Walker

Mr Richard Gehrmann
Australia and India: Military dimensions of a colonial relationship

Ms Chelsea Rodd
War as nationalism: A comparative study of Australia and Canada

Mr Walter Hans Struve
A Biography of Kurt Offenburg (1898- 1946)

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