Research Networks

CCG hosts four distinct research networks which provide an academic forum for the promotion and dissemination or interdisciplinary research

Middle East Studies Forum

The Middle East Studies Forum (MESF) is a cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary research forum focused on research into the Middle East from an Australian perspective.

International Research Network on Multiculturalism

The International Research Network on Multiculturalism is an academic forum aimed at promoting and disseminating interdisciplinary research on the multifaceted multicultural research agenda.

Australia-India Interdisciplinary Research Network

Australia-India Interdisciplinary Research Network (AIIRN), established in February 2012, is a formal network for academics and other institutional groups whose prime focus is on interdisciplinary research related to Australia and India.

Buddhism in Australia Research Network

The Buddhism in Australia Research Network was formed in 2013. It is a multidisciplinary network of leading and emerging scholars, higher degree research students and Buddhist community leaders with an interest in furthering the study of Buddhism in Australia.

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