Middle East Studies Forum

The Middle East Studies Forum (MESF) is a cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary research forum focused on research into the Middle East. The MESF is a collaborative research network open to researchers, research students, policy-makers, media professionals and anyone interested in the region.

This thematic research group focuses on the following topics in relation to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA):

  • The rapidly changing nature of civil society and democracy in the contemporary MENA;
  • Defining the 'Middle East' and examining how it has been constructed and understood in the 'West';
  • The complex and overlapping histories of the region and its myriad languages, cultures and political movements;
  • The need for innovative undergraduate teaching and the supervision of higher degree work in the field;
  • Utilising inter-disciplinary approaches and methodologies as the basis for understanding the complexities of the region.

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The MESF was originally founded as The Australian Middle East Research Forum (AMERF) by Fethi Mansouri and Sally Totman in 2006. It was re-launched under the new name of The Middle East Studies Forum (MESF) in 2014 and is currently convened by Benjamin Isakhan and constituted by a group of world-leading researchers and lecturers in the field of Middle East studies and languages. It is well placed to conduct and collaborate on high-profile international research and teaching initiatives relating to the MENA. In addition, the MESF regularly hosts international and national events and seminars with a focus on Australia and its relationship with the MENA region.

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