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Australian Research Council Projects

Islamic Religiosity

An investigation into the role that Islamic religious beliefs, rituals and faith-based community practices play in shaping experiences of belonging and citizenship in multicultural, western cities.

Intercultural Understanding

This project built knowledge and appreciation of Australia's social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, and the ability to relate to and communicate across cultures.

Social Networks

An examination and assessment of the role of social networks play in informing young people's sense of belonging and active participation in the community of citizens.

Islam in Iran's Foreign Policy

Understanding the way Iran operates in its (Muslim) neighbourhood is important for the way we engage with Iran and prepare for the regional implications of Iranian policies.

Shared Belonging

Research on practices of stereotyping and humiliation that dehumanise migrants, in particular, those who do not assimilate into a dominant white majority culture, are welfare dependents, or arrive 'illegally'.

Other Projects

Education about Religions and Beliefs (ERB) in Schools

This study investigated ERB policies in the 'local' context of the state of Victoria, Australia within a 'global' context of other Western multifaith societies, including Canada and the United Kingdom.

Emerging Sectarian Fault-Lines

Research into emerging sectarian fault-lines and regional security in the Arab revolutions.

Cultural Heritage in Iraq

Assessing the relationships that existed between US military personnel and Iraqi cultural heritage professionals, and how those relations impacted archaeological sites during the Iraq War.

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