Thematic Research Groups

Thematic research activities in the Centre

The CCG comprises experts from diverse and complementary disciplines including sociology, history, political science, public health, political philosophy, international relations, political economy, and anthropology. They draw on both qualitative and quantitative methods to enhance their research and 
to produce innovative and accessible studies. CCG researchers also specialise in a number of regions including Australia, China, Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

The CCG's research activities coalesce around a set of common themes, which encourage and enable cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration among leading and emerging CCG, Deakin and international scholars.

Governance, Media and Democracy

Research in the context of democracy and the potential democratisation of governance and media and  more equitable local, national and global societies

Racism, Diversity and Intercultural Relations

Investigation of the current debates around 'managing' and governance of cultural and religious diversity and intercultural and interreligious education

European Philosophy and the History of Ideas

The largest centre in Melbourne focusing specifically on European philosophy and the History of Ideas

Crime, Surveillance, Security and Justice

Research aimed at contributing to a more inclusive and just social existence for all

Culture and Politics in
Asia and the Middle East

Inter-disciplinary research in the
context of Asia and the Middle East

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