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Q: Can I study by distance education?
A: Yes. All Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies subjects are available in OFF-CAMPUS mode. This means you can study from home or work-place, at times that are convenient for you.

Q: Can I study ON-CAMPUS?
A: Yes. Most though not all Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies subjects are also offered on the Melbourne campus in the eastern suburb of Burwood. Mondays and Tuesdays are our normal teaching days for Museum Studies and Thursdays and Fridays for Cultural Heritage. Students must meet minimum enrolment requirements.

Q: Do I need prior experience in a museum or heritage site?
A: No, this is not mandatory. Your assignments in each unit will direct you into museums near you, or on the web, front and back of house, to build up experience. At the same time, we advise that volunteer work in a museum is enormously helpful in contextualising theory and learning.

Q: How can I apply?
A: You can apply directly from the Deakin home page via the 'Future Students' button.

Q: How long is the Graduate Certificate?
A: The Graduate Certificate takes at least trimesters 1 and 2, part-time. The course should be completed within two years if possible.

Q: How long is the Graduate Diploma and the Master?
A: Full-time, the Graduate Diploma takes 1 year. It can also be studied part-time over a longer period. The Master of Cultural Heritage adds another four units to the Diploma, ie it can be taken fulltime in one trimester.

Q: How is the summertime trimester 3 used for this program?
A: There is at least one study unit available in trimester 3, as well as research and fieldwork units. Students cannot, however, commence the program in the summer semester.

Q: What is the minimum part-time enrolment?
A: One unit per trimester (except for the summertime trimester 3) is the minimum enrolment.

Q: How many units can an off-campus student who is a fulltime worker take?
A: We suggest that commencing part-time students should take just one unit per trimester, to get a feel for the style of study and the usual load. Fulltime workers/parents are advised to take a maximum of two units per trimester.

Q: What fees are payable?
A: Up-front tuition fees, plus a General Service fee. Invoices are sent at the start of each semester.

Q: What is the fee for tuition?
A: Please consult Deakin's fees 'portal' at

Q: Can I get assistance with fees?
A: The Australian Federal government offers a FEE-HELP program to assist eligible students to defer payment of fees and repay them through the tax system. For further information

Q: What is the workload like?
A: For each credit point (each unit is worth one credit point), you should spend about three hours per week (average) on the study materials (or attending the relevant class). In addition, you should allow a minimum of another three hours per week for preparation and follow-up of issues raised in the class materials. Finally, you should allow additional time for working on assignment tasks - perhaps a further three hours per week.

Q: What is the weekly study load (for work-leave purposes)?
A: Based on the above, we recommend that both on and off-campus students should expect to spend nine hours per week on each unit undertaken.

Q: When do applications close?
A: To start in Trim.1, please apply by mid-February. To start in July, you must apply by the end of May.

Q: Where can I find out more about the courses?
A: If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen, you can request an application package by sending an email to:

If you are not from Australia or New Zealand, please visit this web site:

Q: How do I find employment in the field?
A: While CHCAP does not place graduates in employment, the courses we offer may bring you into contact with leading professionals in the field and provide valuable opportunities for networking.


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