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2014 Intern Stephanie Cranage

Stephanie on her internshipAs part of AIM717, I am currently interning at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County within the Anthropology department. For the internship I am working specifically with a collection from New Guinea. I have been working to inventory, catalogue and rehouse the collection. I have also been working to attach images of the collection to the museums database with an aim of making the entire collection publicly available online through the museums website.

2013 Intern Shane Talia

Shane Talia is currently working at the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) in Brunswick as part of his internship for AIM717: Heritage in the Field Shane Talia is currently working at the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) in Brunswick as part of his internship for AIM717: Heritage in the Field. Shane is working on a series of objects that once belonged to the National Mutual Life Association of Australasia, including antique office equipment, commemorative artifacts, photographs, textiles and other miscellanea. This fine curio is a late 19th-century Tate's Patent Arithmometer; one of the first mechanical calculators to be used on a daily basis in an office environment. The Tate's brand is quite uncommon in collections today as not a large number of these units were manufactured (although it was widely cloned), and very few have survived in intact, working condition.

2012 Intern Andrew Henderson

Andrew at Borobudur with a group of specialists and field officers from UNESCO's Jakarta office

From August to December 2012 I undertook an internship in the Culture Unit of the UNESCO Office in Jakarta, Indonesia. One of my key goals for the placement was to get a better understanding of the work that UNESCO does and to explore whether this was a possible future career path for me. A further motivation for me was to spend more time living in Indonesia. I have a background in Indonesian studies, having previously completing Indonesian language classes at Deakin University and participating in the in-country language program in Padang, West Sumatra. From February to July 2012 I was also in Yogyakarta undertaking research on post-colonial interpretation of colonial heritage for the Deakin Unit Cultural Heritage Research Project as well as volunteering at a local museum.

Through the internship I was involved in wide range of activities including going on a mission to the World Heritage listed Borobudur temple to help organise a stone conservation workshop, writing a proposal for creative economy through cultural heritage project in Timor-Leste, attending a workshop on the preparation of nomination dossiers and management plans for World Heritage inscription in Bali with representatives from throughout Southeast Asia, and attending a meeting with the Indonesian vice-minister of Culture to discuss the organisation of an international forum on culture and development to be held in 2013. In all of these activities the knowledge I have gained from my Masters of Cultural Heritage was invaluable, and gave me the background and skills to really engage with and contribute to the work of the UNESCO.

Overall the internship was a really positive experience for me and has been a fantastic step for my career development. I have just accepted a position as a Consultant for Culture at UNESCO which I will begin in early January 2013.  I have found that everyone at the Centre for the Cultural Heritage for Asia and the Pacific has been really supportive throughout my internship and research in Indonesia and gave me the encouragement to follow this path. I was also awarded a Deakin University Travel scholarship, which helped to make my research in Indonesia and internship possible. I hope that my experience can also lead to further opportunities for other students wishing to undertake internships or research in Indonesia, and I would be more than happy to discuss my experiences with anyone interested

July 2011

Internships have long been part of the CHMS (Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies) program at Deakin University. Our interns are highly valued by organisations and in some cases are paid to work alongside other employees.

An agreement with the City of Bayside pioneered the concept of a paid-internship, and the third intern under this arrangement, Jean Chen, has just been appointed. Singapore born, Jean, is a graduate of ANU in history and over the next 12 months, while completing her post-graduate studies in cultural heritage at Deakin, she will work part-time to develop an exhibition for the Brighton Cultural Centre.

The idea of the paid-intern has also been supported by the Deakin University Art Gallery who have just appointed Samantha Willis to work on the development of an exhibition that includes the work of Deakin based contemporary artists. Samantha is undertaking the course in museum studies alongside running her own graphic design business.

Over a number of years the CHMS staff have built a strong connection with UNESCO Bangkok through the activities of the Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific (CHCAP) and it is gratifying to announce that Jennifer Chandler will continue to build on this relationship through a 4 month internship with the Culture Unit. This is wonderful opportunity for Jennifer who is a practising archaeologist seeking to pursue her interests in cultural landscapes and intangible heritage issues and to gain more professional experience in a regional context.

Lastly, it is also with great pride that we can announce that Clare Diamond has been selected to undertake a Curatorial Scholarship at The Dax Centre, Parkville, which collects in the specialist area of mental illness and trauma. Clare will receive a generous stipend and will work part-time for the next year on a range of curatorial duties. Clare also intends to develop her interest and expertise in this area through undertaking an associated CHMS Honours dissertation.

We wish all these CHMS students great success in their projects!
Dr Jonathan Sweet, Internship co-coordinator
Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies (CHMS)

City of Bayside (Deakin University) Curatorial Internships

In partnership with the City of Bayside, Melbourne, the Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University, is pleased to announce new opportunities for Museums Studies or HDR students to gain valuable curatorial expertise.

Three paid internships were available 2009-2012.

Each appointment will be part-time for one year, during which time the intern will curate one exhibition (under supervision) and undertake other associated duties.
Enrolled students who meet the pre-requisites will be eligible to apply for these positions.

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