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Pixar Artists at Deakin

Pixar Artists' Masterclass

Masterclass in Animation & Story Development

Presented by VanArts in association with Deakin University

This successful partnership brought the two world renowned animation artists to the Melbourne Burwood campus in April 2013 where they captivated a full audience over two days, sharing their knowledge of the Animation industry, and inspiring those studying and working in this dynamic field. Participants travelled from around Australia to attend this innovative event and Deakin animation students were given scholarships to attend. Scholarships were also given to several secondary school students who expressed an interest in this field.

matthew luhn's drawing
Drawing by Matthew Luhn while on campus

View photos from the event

Some comments from social media about the event

Matthew Luhn
Head of Story, Pixar Animation Studios
Matthew Luhn began his career at Pixar Animation Studios in 1992 as an Animator on the very first CG movie, Toy Story. Since that time, Matthew has worked as a Storyboard Artist generating new ideas and characters on Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, CarsRatatouille, UP, Toy Story 3, and current Pixar movies in development. > view Matthew's IMDB profile

Andrew Gordon
Animator, Pixar Animation Studios
Andrew Gordon has been animating characters at Pixar Animation Studios for 16 years. He joined Pixar in 1997 where he has been an Animator on A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Toy Story 3. The characters he has worked on include Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., Gill, from Finding Nemo and Edna Mode, the costume designer in The Incredibles, and Linguini from Ratatouille. He supervised animation on Pixar’s Academy Award nominated short film Presto, and is currently a directing animator on Monsters University, due out in 2013. > view Andrew's IMDB profile

Media Release - Deakin students’ incredible opportunity as Pixar animators hit Melbourne for Masterclass

Pixar Networking Event

Industry networking event hosted by Film Victoria, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) and Deakin University.

Held at the Deakin Motion.Lab - more photos from Pixar Networking Event


Study Tour for current students
Japan Study Tour - Animation, Games and Graphics


Recent animation and motion capture projects

The 'Free Range Bread' TVC for Abbott’s Village Bakery is another great project from the Deakin Motion.Lab and Alt.vfx. The concept for this campaign called for realistic quadruped movement in the shape of loaves of bread. 'We decided to motion capture a dog to provide the motion data and eventually settled on a sausage dog for the similarity in size and proportion to the target rig'.

Behind the Scenes making of 'Free Range Bread'

Tooheys Extra Dry- Nocturnal Migration
Final product TVC -
Making of (Deakin Motion.Lab mocapped the deer):


7UP- I Feel Up
Final product TVC -
Making of (Deakin Motion.Lab appears):


Rugby League Live 2
(final product for PS3/Xbox360/PC)

The Deakin Motion.Lab's involvement was to provide the Big Ant team with 1134 animation shots for in-game moves and cutscenes, totalling around 76 minutes of animation. Working with a combination of professional actors, stuntmen and rugby players we were able to capture all the different aspects of the game with a high degree of accuracy.
Gameplay trailer:


AR@Deakin app
Blog / Making of:


Kyle Evans - Lonely Girl


Melbourne HDR Timelapse


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