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"Hi my name's Shona, I'm studying the Bachelor of Contemporary Arts - majoring in Media Arts. I've been majoring in film and video subjects and animation subjects. Things I've learned in Animation I can take into my Film subjects, and vice versa. It's really diverse like that. So everything's relevant, and everything is combined which is what I really love about it."


peterPeter Divers
Bachelor of Interactive Media*

‘I had a passion for art but couldn’t draw. However I did have computer skills and after seeing the combination of computers and visual effects in movies, I started searching for a course.

The degree taught all aspects of animation and computer-generated art while units in film gave me an understanding of how the two mediums collaborate. An internship taught me how a real feature film post-production house operates and I was also able to help them develop motion capture pipeline.

I worked for four years with Deakin’s Motion.Lab where I was lucky enough to be motion capture lead on a television commercial which won five international awards for animation and visual effects.

Now I am working for multiple Oscar-winning visual effects studio Weta Digital – famous for Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Tin Tin and now The Hobbit trilogy. I am working with the best people in the world … every day we create magic!’

*The Bachelor of Interactive Media is no longer offered, but has been replaced by a similar course – the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation and Motion Capture).


DanielDaniel Skovli
Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communication)

Animator and Technical supervisor at Deakin University Motion.Lab, Daniel Skovli believes this type of study is very rare, and to take on this role straight after graduation was an amazing opportunity.

Daniel explained that the variety of topics covered in his course enable him to be involved in all aspects of a motion capture project for animation or biomechanical/scientific purposes'.

Having the ability to study and now work in the largest studio of its kind in Australia and the second largest Motion Capture Studio in the southern Hemisphere, only surpassed by Weta Digital in New Zealand was the key attraction for Daniel, both as a student and more recently as a staff member.

Daniel says, 'After completing a Certificate in Multimedia Design and 3D Design and Animation, from Noroff Institute in Oslo, Norway I wanted to travel. Deakin was the university offered to me as the most relevant'.

'I enjoyed many things about my time as a student and the one experience which has left a lasting impression was the opportunity to collaborate with a multinational marketing company for a promotional animation. My unit lecturer was most supportive and helpful by allowing me to work around assignment deadlines to fit in with their project timeframe'.

In the future Daniel plans to work for one of the larger VFX Studios as an Animator or Motion Capture Artist.

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