Deakin University has outstanding facilities for students of the Media, Performing and Creative Arts. An 18.4 million dollar facility, located at the Melbourne Burwood Campus, provides students access to an array of industry standard production and performance studios.

photo of Deakin's Media, Performing and Creative Arts facility at the Melbourne campus at Burwood

This unique facility allows students to work in an environment that encourages collaboration between art forms, and fosters the development of multi-skilled graduates.

The complex spans four levels, with dedicated studios for dance, drama, visual arts, tv and sound. There are also screening rooms, mixing facilities, digital video editing and animation suites, computer labs, photographic darkrooms and digital imaging studios. Collaborative spaces for hybrid art forms are also housed here.

photo tv camera

Television Studio

The Television Studio has all the features of a professional facility. It includes four cameras in wide screen television format, blue screen capabilities, a full lighting rig controlled by industry standard Strand Console, and radio microphones.

The control room has a powerful vision mixer, with video and graphic insert capabilities and an audio-mixing desk. The TV studio and control room are linked by an intra-studio communication system.

Deakin’s Film students access these spaces at second and third level. The TV studio is also home to the DeakinTV student club.

Deakin's world class HD Television studio build in 2011

photo sound studio

The Sound Studio

The Sound Studio is used by students to record and produce sound for various projects across courses. The studio control room is equipped with a 32 track Protools system for recording sound to picture, voice work, acoustic instrumental performance or midi based digital sound production.

The studio also includes a foley box and a high quality, Beckstein Grand Piano.

Screening rooms

Students have the benefit of viewing their work in a cinema setting. Deakin’s Screening Rooms are fitted with wide-screen projectors and surround sound, and allows viewing of 16mm film and a range of video formats.

The Ground Floor screening room also has a film-mixing studio, where students can mix their work in preparation for the-end-of-year screening held at a major Melbourne cinema.

Editing and Animation Suites

Dedicated editing and animation suites provide students with after-hours access to facilities required for project work. There are a range of rooms to suit individual and team work. The editing systems used include Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio PRO software.

Darkrooms & Digital imaging

Photography students are exposed to a wide range of image making practices and are able to produce work for display for gallery and installation presentations.

Computer Labs

The computer Labs support a wide range of learning and project work and are networked into all other facilities. Work made in one place, can be stored and retrieved in another.

media resource centre

Media Resource Centres

Students borrow equipment for their projects from comprehensive Media Resource Centres. 16mm film and digital video camera equipment, lighting, and professional audio gear, film and digital SLR cameras can be borrowed, and these are supported by a team of technicians.
Deakin world first as filmmakers' dream RED EPIC cameras arrive

By learning on equipment commonly used by industry professionals, Deakin students are assisted in their transition into the workforce.

photo dance studio

Visual Arts Studios

The Visual Arts studios provide a creative hub for visual art students. The spaces allow close lecturer supervision and interaction between artists for the development of creative styles.

Visual Art students at Deakin's Geelong Waterfront Campus will work out of new facilities from 2012 which will include an 'atelier' style studio and labs equipped for digital and chemical Photography. From this location they will enjoy the maritime environment that has been the inspiration of countless artists.

photo dance studio

Dance and Drama Studios

Like all the facilities, Drama and Dance studios are available for students use after hours, for rehearsals and development. They feature sprung floors, lighting grids, audio visual and information technology facilities. This allows students to make work that combines both physical and digital performance.

Wardrobe - a fully stocked wardrobe and costume hire facility that complements the end of semester student productions.

Deakin Motion.Lab

The cutting-edge technology used to make Lord of the Rings and Happy Feet is now available to students at Deakin. The Deakin Motion.Lab is the most technologically advanced motion capture facility in Australia. The studio provides undergraduate, postgraduate and short course opportunities for study in motion capture, and develops opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects involving researchers and artists from creative and scientific disciplines.


Deakin’s state-of-the-art facilities provide students with the ideal place to learn, explore and create.

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