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Andrew Keresztes

andrew keresztes

Bachelor of Arts student, Andrew Keresztes, first had his work hit the big screen in 2008 as part of the Deakin showcase screening at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. He and six other Deakin students had produced a western, Black Mary. ‘It was great to see our work on the big screen,’ he says, ‘although all the mistakes are huge!’ His own experimental film Nurses Run was also screened at the showcase.

Andrew worked as an intern with cinematographer Ellery Ryan on Jonathan auf der Heide’s forthcoming film Van Diemen’s Land, which tells the tale of Irish convict Alexander Pearce, who was hanged in Hobart in 1824 for murder and cannibalism. Filming on location was pretty harsh: ‘It was an intense six weeks away in the Otways with no phone reception or internet. It was like Big Brother or something, twenty people in a small room for weeks with only each other for entertainment. After five weeks people start getting edgy. We would do a 12-14 hour day, in miserable conditions, lugging gear up mountains through mud reminiscent of World War I trenches…’

He has also worked as an intern on Into the Shadows, an Australian documentary about the state of the Australian film industry, which is slated for release in 2009. It features interviews with key players, and according to Andrew, ‘shows the harsh realities of the industry’ in which he is forging his path.

Andrew also just finished shooting a mockumentary called HolyWood with fellow Deakin student Dave White. ‘It’s about Jesus’s second coming as a carpenter in a Brunswick joinery! With any luck it will be ready so we can enter it in Tropfest 2009.’

When he’s not focusing on film, Andrew also creates music for experimental / ambient / rock project auschpaàs. He’s also learning the Icelandic language and is fascinated by Icelandic culture, which is having a strong influence on his creative work. In fact he finds the language itself very creative, ‘like speaking English backwards!’

Across all of his creative outlets, Andrew’s ambition is to create material which ‘stimulates a thought and emotion in people that is genuine and real or even, dare I say, profound.’

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