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Joel Buncle

floor manager, joel buncle Bachelor of Film & Digital Media

Joel is hoping that Beyond the Brief, the TV show which he is executive producing, will get approval for a whole series on Channel 31 in 2009. He received approval from the Deakin Television (DTV) programming managers to make a pilot for the show, but having produced the pilot, now he has to cross his fingers and wait for the go-ahead.

Joel became the President of DTV in his first year at Deakin. He says that this ‘has become a career shaping achievement’ that has helped him decide what he wants to do in the future. He also had the privilege of being selected as the Outside Broadcast Floor Manager for the Theatre Games Live Christmas Charity Special. He says, ‘the trust from the Executive Producers was huge and I am very grateful for the opportunity.’

Joel is undertaking a Bachelor of Film & Digital Media, which he hopes to complete in 2010. He has been impressed by the opportunities available to students: ‘I knew we would use cameras and equipment during classes, but the extra-curricular activities through clubs such as DTV have really helped me find my groove at Deakin.’

He’s also had the chance to meet a lot of people through his course. He now has friends who ‘live all around Melbourne, from Point Cook to Darnum.’ As Joel puts it, ‘there are so many talented people in the field, and it’s great that I’ve been able to become friends with a lot of them.’

For example, Joel has been working with Darcy Bonser & Lisa Sloetjes (now ex-Deakin students), which he says has been amazing: ‘I’ve learnt so much about producing television, and their help and guidance has been absolutely first rate; they are great to work with and great friends.’

Joel’s dream career would be working as a producer on a US television series. ‘I want to be surrounded by the right people,’ he says, ‘and most importantly I want to be happy.’

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