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Kate Talbot

kate talbot

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication)

As part of a collaborative unit in her Deakin course, Kate produced a short film entitled Bad Luck and I, a black comedy about ‘a man whose life is dramatically changed when he accidentally breaks a mirror.’ The film was shown at ACMI as part of the Deakin Film and Video Showcase for 2008. Together with the film’s director, Kate is currently putting together the material needed in order to send it to festivals worldwide.

Kate is about to complete a double major in film/television and photography as part of her Bachelor of Arts Media and Communication at Deakin. When she applied for the course, she was intending to study photography and journalism, with the expectation that she would end up working as a photojournalist. But things turned out a little differently:

‘In first year I enrolled in photography, journalism and a core unit and stumbled across film in the unit guide. I needed one extra unit and took it up with no intention of ever following on with it. Three years later I have completely dropped journalism and I’m now pursuing a career in the film and television industry. If I hadn’t enrolled in a course like the ones offered at Deakin, I probably would have ended up completing a straight photography degree and I never would have found an industry that I’ve fallen in love with.’

Over the June/July holidays in 2008 a group of current and former Deakin students got together to create a short film called Transit, a 16-minute narrative dealing with migrants to Australia and the cultural issues they face. The film was written and directed by an international student and drew on his own experiences and those of the many international students working on the film. Kate says, ‘It was a fantastic experience. It was this film that helped me discover my passion for producing.’

Kate now hopes to become a producer of feature films, which would give her ‘four or five years of working extensively on one project … from conception to realisation.’

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