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Kobie Yip

Kobie Yip

Bachelor of Film and Digital Media

Kobie has loved cinema since she was six years old; she remembers her sixth birthday present was a movie ticket from her older bother! She grew up watching films and animation, especially the cartoons on television every evening after school, and dreamt of one day producing and releasing her own independent film.

This childhood ambition was realised with Dark Dream, a two-minute surrealistic short film about ‘a person who wakes from a nightmare and finds themselves in a creepy, dark, surreal environment.’ The film’s visual effects were inspired by elements of Abstract Expressionism such as movement, line, and contrast. Kobie helped to compose the soundtrack, especially the ambient environmental sounds (the loud breathing, machinery, raining, door opening and closing, footsteps, murmuring voice, etc.). This involved modifying the timbre and pitch of the sound and music in post-production.

Kobie has also undertaken an internship with Roll Play Production of Monash Youth and Family Services, as well as an animation internship with Channel 31. She’s also been working as a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer in her spare time.

She will be completing her Bachelor of Film and Digital Media at Deakin in 2009. Deakin offered her a place after she finished the Advanced Diploma of Screen at Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. Kobie says she’s been able to ‘further enhance the skills and knowledge’ that she’d developed at Holmesglen. She adds that the teaching staff at Deakin ‘provided ample opportunity’ for her to realise her goals and ambitions. And with collaboration being such a vital aspect of film production, she’s also grateful that her course has allowed her to collaborate with other students on assignments and projects.

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