Student & Graduate Profiles

Matthew Loads

Bachelor of Arts - Media Arts

Matt wanted to leave Deakin ‘with a sense of what was going on in the “real world” of Film and TV in Melbourne’. Through the subjects he chose and the relationships he forged with teachers and fellow students, he has no doubt that he achieved this: ‘I feel I had a lot more street smarts than when I started and had a real sense of how to find my way in a complex industry.’

He thought uni work ‘was going to be very hard’, but in fact he enjoyed it very much. As Matt puts it: ‘I came from a practical background so was surprised by the change of mindset that “academic thinking” gives you and that it opens your boundaries and makes you see the world in less simple “black and white” terms.’

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) at Deakin in 1998, Matt has gone on to work at Deakin, both as a technician, and as a demonstrator / tutor in Media and Arts. Since June 2008 he’s been a unit coordinator, lecturer and tutor at RMIT, in Broadcast Media.

Matt’s film and TV credits cover virtually every angle within the industry. He’s produced a 26-part Series for Optus Education Channel, been a cameraman and floor manager on an SBS cooking show, and worked for Foxtel, Channel 7 and 9 on various projects. He’s also made corporate videos for Mobil, C.A.E & YMCA Victoria. Matt recently worked on Satisfaction, Australia’s Got Talent, and short films featured in the Melbourne International Film Festival, as well as VCA postgraduate films.

His other claims-to-fame include: having worked with James Wan and Leigh Whannell (creators of the Saw series of horror films) on three projects in the late 90’s; acting as an extra in Boytown and a Paul Kelly video clip; paid acting work in SBS series Salam Café; and playing the villain in the Australian premiere of a Barry Manilow Musical!

Matt says his dream career wouldn’t be too far away from what he’s doing now. He enjoys a mixture of academic work (‘for the way it pushes you mentally and gives you contact with people’), film and TV work (‘for the practical application of skills learnt’) and corporate work, ‘for the emphasis on the written word, stability and emphasis on measurable outcomes.’ Although Matt wouldn’t mind ‘maybe being a little less busy’, which is fair enough by the sound of it!

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