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Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography)

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography) is a comprehensive program that will appeal to students who wish to develop clarity of personal vision as photographers in a diverse field of contemporary media. It is designed to refine critical understanding of the wider aspects of visual culture and to develop transferable skills.

Photography is a global, pervasive visual culture practiced in journalism, fine art, social media, fashion, advertising, cinema and web design, and serves diverse purposes in science, medicine, criminology, anthropology, travel and tourism.

This course provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the theories, techniques and practices of the discipline of photography, whilst building pragmatic skills in a range of adjunct creative arts to connect theory and practice. You will gain an understanding of how photography enables us to comprehend and visualise our social and cultural formation.

The course will build your expertise and competencies in the areas of exhibition, portfolio creation, project management, visual communication and online collaboration. You will learn both chemical and digital imaging in diverse photographic formats in professionally equipped facilities and work alongside academics who are expert active media practitioners, and with visiting, special guest and casual academic staff. Collaboration across disciplines, and opportunities to undertake internships and international study enable you to develop multiple skills and expertise for professional practice and entrepreneurship, and prepare you for the opportunities and challenges of photography, media and the creative industries.

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Digital Media)

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Digital Media) offers a program in which students will select a comprehensive study of the theories, techniques and practices of a major media discipline and be able to extend and build upon their skills in a range of other creative arts theory and practices to emerge as creative and multi-skilled graduates.

The major disciplines of Film, Animation and Photography focus on the development of the creative, analytic, team and independence skills required to successfully apply technique in professional and artistic practices. They expose students to the diversity of the histories of the mediums and the critical and theoretical ways in which these mediums can be analysed and received.

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Digital Media) prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of media and creative industries by providing opportunities for cross disciple collaboration, multi-skilling, internships, international study and study in professional practice and entrepreneurship. The program draws upon the expertise of its staff, who are active media practitioners, and industry, through visiting, special guest and casual academic staff.

Note: This course replaces the Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (Media Arts) - and was previously named Bachelor of Film and Digital Media.

Bachelor of Arts - major in Photography

The Bachelor of Arts is the most flexible of degrees, allowing students to choose a combination of subjects to suit their interest and career goals.

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