Visual Arts - Student Profiles

Emma Cox

Graduate - Emma

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Graduate Certificate of Museum Studies

Program Coordinator at the National Gallery of Victoria

Career highlight:
Working on the 2009 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire. Dali has been a personal hero of mine since art school, and the opportunity to work on this survey of his work was very exciting.

I chose to study at Deakin as I was really attracted to the flexibility offered in the Bachelor of Arts program – I did major streams in both visual arts and professional writing.

As well as the flexibility offered in choosing course pathways and modes of study, I really enjoyed the opportunity to have a close working relationship with the teaching staff, both in the Visual Arts and Museum Studies departments. I found that a smaller learning environment really suited me and allowed for a more personal experience.

I would absolutely recommend Deakin’s smaller, more intimate learning environment and flexible modes of study, as well as the Visual Arts, Professional Writing and Museum Studies courses, particularly for their industry relevance.

The Bachelor of Arts undoubtedly helped affirm that I wanted to pursue a career in the arts, and importantly, helped with gaining knowledge of the visual arts industry and community in Melbourne. Certainly the course provided me with a base knowledge of art theory, history and practice, and this is something that I use in my work every day.

Graduate - JanineJanine Evans

Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (2012)

'I work full time as an art director in an advertising agency and part time as a painter.

I work on pencil and pastel drawings and acrylic and oil paintings at my studio. Sales come through friends and word of mouth, as well as art shows and small gallery exhibitions.

At the advertising agency I work on copywriting, illustration and website construction. My career highlights include winning, or being nominated for, several Australian Catalogue awards.

The graphic design units I took at Deakin refreshed my design skills … the writing units were useful for formal and academic writing. The painting and drawing classes were the most fun though, and informed my part-time painting work.

At Deakin I enjoyed learning new techniques and discovering new artists. I also enjoyed meeting lecturers and other artists working in the field … it had a positive atmosphere with good facilities.

My qualification will help me in future job applications … I’ve had two exhibitions at a gallery and my work is (now) much stronger and better researched.’

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