Discover the virtual city that will help arts students with internships and professional experience preparation.

Look for Kaleidoscope Consulting in Crocker Alley ... There's also a ferry to Newlandia at the jetty, and the road out to Bilby going north east for undergrad and postgrad writing/PR students!

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For writing/publishing/communications interns ...

Find Crocker Alley and the Kaleidoscope Consulting entry sign on the Deakinopolis map of the city.

When you get into reception at Kaleidoscope Consulting you can click on the navigation circle at bottom of screen and get to their website on the minicomputer next to the elevator - check out industry newsletters and annual reports, advertised jobs and paperwork to help you develop your internship application.

Did you notice the meeting room behind Felicity at reception? (Use the navigation circle to go back.) The filing cabinets in this room provide a project to help with working in teams. Tutors will provide more detail but for your own interest have a look in each of the drawers. There are 10 applicants for a communications job, providing group interviews/individual oral statements, and full written applications - who would you select for a shortlist of five to interview?



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