Writing Evolutions


“The simplest way to tell a story, equally favoured by tribal bards and parents at bedtime, is to begin at the beginning, and go on until you reach the end, or your audience falls asleep”

David Lodge

The pairing here of fiction and poetry suggests a closer association than we would wish to mandate. The truth is that the wall we place between these two forms in the above title might be three metres of steel or a sheet of paper. One might also point out that a more correct formal distinction might draw a line between verse and prose. Our pairing here is political and practical, but most of all arbitrary.

Suffice to say, we have poets, we have writers of fiction. Below you will find links to one of each. Ali Alizadeh is steeped in the narrative and Sufi poetic traditions of his childhood homeland, Persia. His work is eclectic, passionate and compelling. Catherine Padmore's Sibyl's Cave is a beautiful and clever novel which is worth reading for its application of craft as well as for the pleasure it gives. Both of these writers did their PhDs at Deakin.