Frequently Asked Questions

Course Structure

Q: How many Professional & Creative Writing units do students take each year?

A: Complete course details for Bachelor of Arts (Professional & Creative Writing) are available in the Deakin University undergraduate handbook.

Q: What subjects are best taken in conjunction with Professional & Creative Writing?

A: This depends on the individual student’s interests. Many Professional & Creative Writing students also do Literary Studies, Journalism, Visual Arts or Media courses, while others have interests in History, Politics or Linguistics. Other possibilities include Information Technology and Science.

Q: If I am doing Professional & Creative Writing, can I also major in another subject?

A: Yes, the degree plus a major in, say, Politics or Media can equip you very well for writing work or research.

Q: Can I combine Professional & Creative Writing with another degree course, for example, Education or Commerce?

A: No. The structure of this course makes it incompatible with other degree courses. You may, however, major in another discipline alongside your Professional and Creative Writing Arts degree.

Teaching and Staffing

Q: Are the teachers published writers?

A: Yes. All teaching staff in the Professional & Creative Writing course are selected for their experience in writing, editing and publishing as well as their teaching capacity and research interests.

Q: How many contact hours are there in the course?

A: Most subjects have two hours of workshops per week; the exception is first-year, when students are expected to attend a one-hour lecture as well as a two-hour workshop.

Q: On average, how many hours of private study are required per week?

A: Every subject demands a commitment to reading, research and writing beyond the actual contact hours. As a minimum you should expect to spend four hours per week per unit—more when finalizing assignments for submission.

Q: Can I study any of the units off campus?

A: There are some core units and electives available in off campus mode. Please see the online handbook for specific unit details.

Q: Are the writing courses offered on Deakin campuses other than Burwood?

A: Yes. In 2007 first-year Professional & Creative Writing units will be offered on the Geelong (Waurn Ponds) campus for the first time.

Q: Does Deakin help students to travel to overseas universities?

A: Deakin International maintains a program of exchanges with universities in the Europe, North America, South America and Asia, and is expanding this list. Studying abroad is a valuable experience. Students should be alerted to the opportunities in first year, and typically study elsewhere for some or all of their second year. Students are required to complete their final semester at Deakin.

Q: Outside the specific units, what kind of support does the area offer in developing my skills?

A: Students are encouraged to take advantage of extracurricular networking activities. During the course they are introduced to industry professionals through the medium of special events and guest speakers.

In their third year students may apply for a place in the industry internship scheme designed to assist them to gain an understanding of a workplace environment associated with their area of study, as well as to provide professional experience that may assist them to reach their career goals.

They also have an opportunity to work as part of a small team of dedicated student editors who publish the literary journal Verandah each year. See the Verandah website.

Employment Options

Q: What are the job prospects?

A: Our graduates have found employment in a wide range of jobs including book, magazine and corporate editing and writing; journalism; script writing; research; arts administration; publishing and information management.

Many students have secured freelance work in the writing field, some have established their own small business as book or website editors, while other students go on to study for higher degrees. Arts graduates are mostly employed for their skill in communication, a field in which Professional & Creative Writing students receive a detailed and broad-ranging preparation.

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