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Alison Burns

Alison Burns

For me language makes the world go round, language is how we get things done


Alison approaches teaching writing with a passion for understanding how language operates in the real world, how it reflects and shapes our thoughts, passions and lives. Alison draws on a background in Professional Writing and Linguistics. She has taught professional writing, language acquisition and literacy. Alison focuses on writing for work or practical writing for the public and professions. But she doesn't see essays, reports and media releases - she sees acts of cooperation, persuasion, dominance and invention. She sees a society building itself word by word.

'For me, language is such an integral part of being human that we can't study language without studying people and culture and vice versa.' Alison gives her students insight into the social, cultural and aesthetic aspects of everyday communication, and uses this to empower them as writers and professionals. 'I love to share with my students what a miraculous feat good writing is - the social and self-awareness, analysis, and reflection that are all part of effective "writing". I think it's only when they start to respect that complexity that they really learn what it means to be a Writer.'

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