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Writing is about dealing with our resistances to writing…

Josephine Scicluna is a poet and fiction writer. She is inventing and exploring diverse hybrid forms. But really she's writing about musical instruments and mobile phones, love and crumbling houses. She collaborates with musicians and/ or artists to create performance works and recordings for radio broadcast. Currently she is working with musician/ sound artist Tom Kazas to produce 'spoken words in spaces' in which words, sound and music combine using techniques of improvisation.

Josephine lives and breathes an exoticised suburbia, and writes in a closed-in verandah, an inside/outside space that makes one think of Thea Astley and mango trees. In summer, bugs rain down from the ceiling and a pedestal fan blows upwards away from piles of manuscript and research material. 'One summer I tried to set up a study space in one of the front rooms,' she says, '...but discovered I couldn't write in there so it was back to the back room.'

Her work has a deep connection to place, and to a sort of poetic street directory of memory and meaning. 'Sometimes there are days like fiction,' she says. 'By that I mean some days seem to have a particularly narrative quality about them where events of a day can line up together.'

* from recording 'Something like an emergency': piano & mix by Tom Kazas, words & voice by Josephine Scicluna, July 2010

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