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Karen Le Rossignol

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Examples of Karen's texts and poetry books.


I like to see openness in creative projects.

Karen Le Rossignol tells people that she writes poetry and textbooks. The reactions she gets to this must be priceless. Karen's writing practice exemplifies what is challenging and exciting about the writing business. ‘sometimes I'm doing text books,’ she says, ‘sometimes reports or tenders. Then I'm also writing research proposals or funding grants. Or lectures. Or curriculum design for any of up to eight different areas. Most of this ‘other’ writing is how I've earnt a living.

On the other hand, she likes to write poetry in a favourite café at ‘the grungy end’ of Chapel Street. ‘I spend a lot of time there,’ she says, ‘trying to create some space.’ This space is necessary to free the writing process from more immediate demands. Poetry is partly about form – just as the other writing tasks each have their own structure and form – but in this case a play of forms.

She loves teaching, ‘seeing (a student) lit up about something that worked.’ Her teaching is almost as diverse as her writing practice, and is an acknowledgement that writers need to be open to the diversity of the market place.

A good piece of writing has integrity,’ Karen says. The disciplines of poetry and textbooks may be different, but they are far from mutually exclusive.

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