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It is with great sadness that the Professional and Creative Writing area farewells our much loved and respected colleague Peter Davis, who died on 8 September 2008 following a protracted illness.

Dr Peter Davis

Peter has been a much loved, respected and relied upon colleague in the Professional & Creative Writing area since 1995. He became a lecturer in 2000 and a senior lecturer in January 2004. He completed his doctorate in 2006. A significant part of his doctorate was his novel, Abraham's Pictures, which is scheduled for publication in 2009. Peter's areas of creative non fiction, text and image, professional writing and travel writing have been developed strongly at both undergraduate and postgraduate level over this time.

Peter had a love for puns, the imagination and a good narrative. He was a renowned and popular lecturer, his presentations full of intellectual rigour and challenge, and he established lifelong friendships with colleagues and students alike. In his freelance role as a photojournalist he always seemed to have the knack of the talented journalist to be in the place where the stories were - in Berlin at the fall of the Berlin Wall, in Maharashtra at the time of the 1993 earthquake.

Peter gave a great deal to Deakin in his time here - a creative engagement and generosity of spirit, caring for the job he did and the people he worked with, his wit and humour. We all have stories of his puns, his persistence in getting what he wanted (the red sock decorating the cover of the Creative Non Fiction Study Guide for instance), his intellectual energy.

Peter has written of his ...'...long-held desire to be just a little bit away from things. A desire to be ever so slightly on the edge while at the same time not being too far from what is going on.' Peter is sorely missed.


Dr Peter Davis

Play a video of Peter briefly discussing creative non fiction and the search for a story.

Peter's recent book "Abraham's Pictures' is available from Readings

book cover - Abraham's Pictures -Peter's recent book is available from Readings






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