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Carolyn Tate - freelance editor

Carolyn TateVerandah was a steep learning curve and probably the most valuable experience I had at uni. I would recommend it to anyone serious about working as an editor.

Carolyn Tate describes herself as having been ‘…one of those annoyingly enthusiastic students!’ She arrived at Deakin with clear ambitions to work as an editor. Like many before her and after, she cut her teeth editing Verandah.

Carolyn now works as a freelance editor, specialising in government work. She has also edited non-fiction books. In recent times she has had a couple of small column-sized articles published in the Sydney Morning Herald. ‘I would like to pursue this in the next six months or so’, she says.

As a student Carolyn was determined to learn not only the skills of editing, but also those of networking. ‘I… made it known to all and sundry at Deakin’, she says, ‘that I was keen to get into editing.’ As a consequence opportunities came her way while she was still a student. Her enthusiasm obviously paid off.

The government work she does is lucrative when it comes, but hours can be irregular and deadlines steep.. Such is the lot of the freelancer, but there are advantages too. Carolyn has moved back to her home town of Brisbane, from where she can pursue new opportunities without having to surrender her Melbourne client-base, and being freelance also allows her to fit working hours around life's other demands. But the best thing about the kind of work Carolyn does is, as she puts it, ‘that every job is about different subject matter so I am continually learning something new and no two jobs are the same.

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