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Cathryn Joy

cathrynOver the course of semester, I undertook an editorial internship in the communications branch of Deakin Universityís Division of Student Life. My project was the production of a monthly student newsletter, The Latest Student News. My tasks included writing, compiling and editing content for the newsletter, as well as layout and typesetting, and proofreading. I also worked on Student Life promotional posters and the staff newsletter.

From feedback I received about the content I had written I learnt to think carefully about my audience, making sure my writing was broad and inclusive. I really developed my copy and structural editing skills, making sure the most important information was prominent and a logic structure was followed. I also had to think more about design than I have previously done in classes, and there was some trial and error involved in getting things just right. I received a lot of guidance both from my internship host and the departmentís editor.

Following the completion of my internship and the positive reception of the work I have done, I have stayed on to do paid casual work for the Division of Student Life in an editorial role. I have just completed constructing and writing content for a student services database, to be part of a new student advisory staff network.

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