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David Sparkes

My internship could be described as an accidental idea. I was doing some volunteer work at a community radio station in Geelong, 94.7 The Pulse, producing and co-hosting a weekly show called Global Focus. We decided that the show required a website, partly to lift its profile but also to provide a kind of library of all our past interviews. (By the time I finished the project, we have about one hundred archived interviews, so it was a waste to have sitting in my laptop doing nothing.) With the tutor for the internship unit, I came up with a project that would involve designing, building and implementing a website for the radio show. I had been studying journalism but had become curious about the role of online media in my chosen industry, so this project provided the perfect opportunity for me to get involved in multi-media journalism.

By the end of the internship I had created a website that I was really proud of. It involves downloadable interviews, a 'have your say' section, and a few other pages. I developed two separate skill sets in this project; there is the technical side, which involves the building components of web design. And there is the creative side, which involves the graphic design, audience interaction components of web design. I enjoyed the technical side but what I really loved was the creative side of web design, coming up with a design that the audience would enjoy consuming. I feel as though this internship really helped me to develop as a communications professional (who is not yet professional).

David at workThe website is: www.globalfocusthepulse.com

David standing, with Leo (presenter)


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