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Erin Michael

My two week internship with the Herald and Weekly Times was the most beneficial work placement that I undertook whilst completing my Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing. Not only did I work for The Herald Sun, I also worked for Mx newspaper as part of the Herald and Weekly Time’s internship program. As an intern I was delegated numerous responsibilities that are usually allocated to reporters. I attended AFL press conferences unaccompanied and wrote subsequent stories that were published. I was given a story to write on a modelling agency for The Herald Sun’s Confidential section, which resulted in performing a face-to-camera piece that was posted on the official Herald Sun website. I was also given the responsibility of writing a first person feature article for Mx. Completing this internship allowed me to experience the operations of Australia’s top selling newspaper. I believe the reporting confidence which I gained during my internship will favour my future job applications as I search for employment in this competitive industry. I highly recommend the internship unit to every final year Professional and Creative Writing student.

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