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Fiona Campbell

My internship experience with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) was extremely busy, rich in detail, challenging, and affirming. In my role as Communications Officer, I wrote content for a new brochure, created a comprehensive 12-month communications plan, and promoted a joint project with the Arts Centre called The Gypsy Queens and Kings.

For me, the experience was about being accountable for real outcomes in a professional workplace; developing my own professional identity and reputation; and putting all the theory of my university career into practice. The internship experience wih MAV has helped me identify what I want out of myself as a professional, and of organisations that may employ me. The more distance I have from the internship, the more I realise how important it was in shaping my identity as a professional in the workplace. The experience was both professionally and personally invaluable. Until the experience with MAV, I'd always seen myself 'in theory'; but now I can see myself as a professional in practice.
Fiona Campbell

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