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Fiona McQueen

Internship at Boobook Theatre, Bundoora

The project:
I was employed to write a 45-minute play for secondary school students about legal issues. Essentially, I was employed as a freelance writer, so I had to plan, research and write the play independently. As this was my first attempt at freelance work, writing the play within the context of an Internship was a great way to anchor my work assignment deadlines are a great motivator!

The Tasks:
Throughout the semester I researched issues relevant to young people; interviewed educators, a member of Victoria Police and secondary school students; and workshopped my ideas with a group of young actors. This work provided the foundation for the play and by the end of the semester I had completed the first draft. Alongside this work, I completed two assignments for the Internship. These related to an industry overview and reflection about my work process and the Internship. This academic work made me critically analyse my work on a regular basis, which is something that isnt normally expected in the workplace. It was especially helpful to reflect on the progress that I had made when everything seemed to come to a grinding halt! The Internship gave me a wider understanding, not only of my industry, but also of my work processes the things that motivate me, and my procrastination techniques!

The Outcomes:
I have recently completed the play and it is due to go into production later this year. The Internship has given me a piece of work for my folio and the motivation to create more of my own work.

An Internship is a great way to try out a job, gain industry experience and academic credit at the same time.



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