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Holly Richardson

So who says that an Arts degree will get you nowhere?

Holly Richardson undertook an internship placement with an Australian magazine publisher as part of her plan to become a photojournalist. She looked forward to an interesting and challenging work experience. A week later she had a job.

When Holly's workplace supervisor unexpectedly resigned, she was asked to step into the job. Instead of learning about the industry in a supportive environment as an intern, Holly found herself 'working long and hard to create a future with the company'. Her learning curve was steep, but she quickly realised that she needed to instil her associates with confidence in her ability to perform. 'They had to believe in me. And if I didn't, why would they?' So Holly consciously developed a 'can-do attitude'. Her confidence built as she learned to be assertive and focused, applying herself to 'getting the job done'.

Holly learned to commission articles, to brief photographers, to write quickly and to a specific brief. She learned to adapt her talents as a writer and an organiser and, importantly, she says, 'This invigorating experience has taught me, in a very short amount of time, a lot about the industry, its people, and most of all, about myself.'


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