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Saba Karim

Master of Communication: Specialisation in Advertising
Internship at the Enterprise and Government Sector of Telstra Corporation

Hi I'm Saba and completed my Masters of Communication at Deakin in Semester 1 of 2010. For the whole first year, I was really looking forward to the Creative Industries Internship, and it didnít let down. Working in the retail outlet at a Telstra Shop, I wanted to get on with my career, which is why I chose to apply at the head office for a marketing role. Honestly, some may think, but companies wonít be jumping up and down at your offer to work for them, even if for free. It took me a lot of negotiation skills and self-promotion to be able to land a placement within the company. Once in there, I learn to remain proactive assuring management and colleagues I was there for work, not to pass-time so I was given large project such as designing the internal accessory catalogue, and negotiating small contracts providing The Smith Family with free wireless devices for the needy. Working with individuals who had been with the company for more than 20 years, taught me more than I could ever learn by reading a textbook or sitting in a lecture. If you are deciding whether to do this unit next semester or not, let me tell you something that holds true for my scenario till this very day. Its not just what you know, its who you know. So working voluntary for a 100 or so hours, might just allow you meet your next manager who decides your future career prospects.

Saba at Telstra
Included here is a photo of me, shaking hands with the Director of Marketing Rob Roe at Telstra Enterprise and Government, tipped to be a future CEO of Telstra.


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