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Susie Chong

susieIn 2010 Susie Chong undertook an Internship with Deakin University’s Division of Student Life. During this attachment she was commissioned to write an informative pamphlet targeting the first-year Professional & Creative Writing students. The project grew into The Writing Journey, a how-to guide for new writers, for which Susie became chief researcher, writer and project manager.

Susie describes this publication as 'how to guide for new writers which lists what you can do to improve your writing skills, gain experience, and go about finding a job in the publishing industry'. Susie interviewed student and emerging writers, editors and publishers, for her project in an attempt to convey something of their experiences and career progress to her readers.

'I've learned about communicating with others as a Project Manager, juggling my own time, and so much more about the industry. It's been a valuable experience,' she says of her internship.

resource The Writing Journey: a guide for new writers by Susie Chong (PDF - 5.7MB).









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