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Jaydev Adhikari

Graduate Diploma of Media and Communication

jaydev adhikari

Jaydev wants to have his own advertising agency, and to create ads which are not only interesting or attention-grabbing, but also sell the product. As he explains, ‘Nowadays in countries like America and India especially, we have advertisements which get awards for the best ads but do not really contribute to the sale of the product.’ Jaydev believes there has been an increase in the demand for PR, but a corresponding fall in the need for advertising to do the selling. ‘I want to change that with my agency,’ he says.

There’s another field in which Jaydev wants to bring about change, namely increasing the target market of novels. In his opinion, many people have a preconception about novels – that they will contain words and phrases which might go over their head. ‘Hence a lot of interesting stories go unnoticed, unless of course they’ve been made into a movie.’ He plans to write and publish a novel which would hold people’s interest, while still being easy to read and understand.

While completing his Graduate Diploma of Media Communication at Deakin, Jaydev was impressed by ‘the continual stress on practical implementation of the theory taught, and its relevance to real world scenarios which we might encounter during our jobs.’ He goes on to say that ‘the comfort level which is created by the lecturers and the relationship which they build with the students is amazing.’

Jaydev’s achievements include being selected as one of the ten finalists in the ‘Bollywood’s Next Writer’ contest organised by one of Deakin’s affiliates in India, Whistling Woods. And he was awarded second prize for the best print advertisement on the topic ‘environmentally friendly cigarettes’ organised by Creative Buzz Agency. He also takes pride in having been group leader for the ‘Buzz’ team for Deakin’s creative and performing arts students’ event ‘Exposure’.
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