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Katherine Harland

Bachelor of Arts (Professional and Creative Writing)

Katherine Harland

Katherine had originally expected to complete a teaching degree majoring in Literature, but found that secondary education wasn’t for her. She’d hoped to engage in stimulating conversations by debating the merits of various ideas, thereby understanding herself and others more fully. As it turned out, she said, ‘there weren’t many people who were interested in thought-provoking discussions.’

She’s now enrolled as a Bachelor of Arts (Professional and Creative Writing) student at Deakin. In 2008 she was a student representative on the advisory board for her course, and undertook a collaborative project with Karen Fraser to publish an information booklet for mature age students at Deakin. In 2009 she will be working as an editor on the university’s own literary journal, Verandah.

During her studies she’s been surprised to find that she loves poetry, and to discover ‘that there were exciting books and authors out there.’

Having edited a manuscript for a young writer who is currently in negotiations with Penguin, Katherine says her dream job would be to work as an editor/publisher, ‘nurturing young writers and those who write for the young, while teaching literature and writing as an academic. In my spare time (ha ha) I would like to write a series of novels for older teenagers and continue my poetry.’ She believes that ‘young writers and readers need guidance and to be treated as intelligent and discerning audiences.’ She says that young writers ‘need to be given a voice in a society that deems them incapable of insight’ while young readers ‘require stories that answer their questions in a meaningful and entertaining way while acknowledging their capacity to grasp complex ideas.’

She hopes her novels for teenagers will help them to address their fears and expectations as they move out into the world. ‘And,’ she says, ‘poetry will nourish my soul so that I can do all of this.’

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