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Linton Broad

Having worked for many years as a chef, Linton enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Professional and Creative Writing) course at Deakin so he could further explore creative writing as an outlet for his imagination.

During his time at Deakin he has ‘met many wonderfully talented writers’ and ‘learned from supportive and encouraging members of staff’, who gave specific criticisms that have helped him to develop his own style, and ‘understand the nuances of different genres of storytelling.’ He has been able to mix with like-minded people with whom he can discuss literature, genres and their hopes for future careers in the writing industry. He’s also been able to absorb ‘a wealth of knowledge’ that has enhanced his understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing and improved his writing overall.

As a budding writer of fiction, Linton set out to enhance the charisma of his characters, deepen his storytelling ability, and to open his eyes to new experiences. As he puts it: ‘My course surprised me by reminding me that no matter how old I get, I still have much more to learn.’ He feels that the content of his course has shown him how to identify gaps in his work, and how to improve them.

Linton’s dream job would be to write storylines for animation. He hopes to continue writing short stories ‘to entertain, amuse and sometimes even scare’ his audience. After he achieves success as a writer, he would also like to teach art to children or young adults. ‘Creativity is important for so many reasons,’ he says, listing stimulation, imagination, innovation and improvisation as examples. ‘Creativity has given us so many wonderful things.’


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