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Mauricio Rivera

Master of Arts (Professional Communication)

Mauricio Rivera

Mauricio is the creator of the Outsider's Guide to Melbourne (www.outsidersguide.org), a website which is aiming to become an interactive archive of the city, as well as a space for emerging artists of any kind (e.g. photographers, writers, filmmakers, illustrators, animators, etc.) to start publishing their work.

Mauricio also organised the photojournalism competition Capturing Melbourne, which was the launching event for the Outsider's Guide project. The competition was sponsored by the Arts Council of the City of Melbourne and the School of Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University. The submitted stories can be checked by visiting the competition's website at www.outsidersguide.org/capturingmelbourne.

Having completed a Master of Arts (Professional Communication) at Deakin in 2008, Mauricio is glad he chose a course which allowed him to deepen his knowledge of journalism while also having the opportunity to explore more artistic subjects, especially those which focused on creative writing (e.g. fiction, creative non-fiction, scriptwriting). He appreciated the 'constant feedback' that he received from teaching staff, especially in the writing subjects, where students were always encouraged to 'learn from their mistakes and improve on a weekly basis.'

Historical perspectives are important to Mauricio; he believes that students should be able to focus on subjects they find interesting, but in doing so they should acquire an understanding of the social, political and cultural circumstances that led to the development of, say, a certain artistic movement. On the other hand, he certainly has an eye on the future, and stresses the importance of updating his knowledge of new technologies and the use of new software. So, by combining historical insight with a finger on the pulse for future developments in his field, Mauricio hopes to develop a global awareness of the problems that humans will have to face during the 21st century.

*course is now titled Master of Communication
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