VTAC Enrolment - for new students in the Faculty of Arts and Education

Congratulations on your offer and welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Education! We look forward to having you with us as a student!

This website provides you with all the information you need to enrol or defer your course for 2014. Please take the time to go carefully through the enrolment process and should you have any questions, please contact us at:

Email: artsedstudentsupport@deakin.edu.au or

  • Student Services Burwood: 924 68100
  • Student Services Geelong: 5227 1359
  • Student Services Warrnambool: 5563 3489

The Faculty offers on-campus information and enrolment sessions for most of its on-campus courses at the Burwood campus and the Teaching (Primary) courses at the Geelong and Warrnambool campuses. These sessions are optional to attend but may be helpful if you need assistance about your course structure, unit choices or would like to have the opportunity to talk to Student Advisers about your course.

For details of on-campus information sessions, please check at:



Who should enrol?

  • All students who have been offered a place in the Main round and are wishing to study during 2014.
  • If you are anticipating an offer in another course within Deakin University/other institution you should still enrol in your first offer. (Refer to question below.)
  • * If you wish to commence study in Trimester 2 2014 you need to contact the Student Services Office at their campus from the contact list below to assist you to defer your course for Trimester 1 2014, and help you enrol for Trimester2 2014. Note: students who wish to intermit should seek course advice on the effect of mid-year commencement on the duration of their course and the type of units that can be chosen. It is not possible to commence all courses mid-year/Trimester 2.



What do I need to do if I want to defer my course?

If you don't want to commence your course at all in 2014 and are contemplating a deferral for 2014 you don't need to enrol now. Instead you should follow the instructions in the link below to defer your course in 2014 and commence in 2015.


What should I do if I enrolled in my first offer, but I receive another offer in another course within Deakin University/other institution?

It is your responsibility as the student to contact someone on the contact list (see below) to assist you to withdraw from your first offer. You need to tell them that you have taken an offer in another course, and you wish to withdraw from your first offer. It's very important that you withdraw from the first course you enrolled in, otherwise you may be liable for outstanding fees.

Deadline to withdraw from your course is 31st March 2014.


What is the deadline to enrol?

VTAC Offers

If you have received an offer for a Deakin course, you should enrol within 10 days of receiving the offer. You can enrol online at StudentConnect


What happens if I don’t enrol by the deadline?

If you don’t enrol, you risk losing your place at Deakin University and you will have to re-apply for entry.


How do I enrol / What units should I enrol in?

To choose your units and enrol in your course for 2014, please follow the steps below:


  1. Create your username and password on the following website: www.deakin.edu.au/password/ Remember that this can take up to 2 hours to become active
  2. The Faculty has developed information relevant to your course that can help assist and guide you in planning the units you should enrol into for 2014. This information can be found by following the 'Course Structures' link below. Please note that unit offerings vary between campuses, so be sure to refer to the course at your specific campus.
  3. When enrolling, please keep in mind that most full time students will undertake study of up to 4 units per trimester and part-time students will study 1 or 2 units per trimester over the course of the year.
  4. Gather your documents e.g Tax File Number, Pen and Paper.
  5. Enrol online by following the instructions on the enrolment website: www.deakin.edu.au/study-at-deakin/apply/enrol-defer-withdraw-or-transfer
course structures - enrolment resource - select to go to webpage


What do I need to do after I enrol?

After enrolling you need to attend to the following tasks to ensure that you are set up for study in 2014

  • If you are an on-campus student, choose your lectures and tutorial using My Timetable via STAR
  • Find out what books you need to buy
  • Start looking at information for your first trimester units via CloudDeakin
  • Attend Orientation Week (on-campus students)

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration)

  • Student Timetable Allocation and Registration (STAR) is Deakin University's personalised timetabling system that allows students enrolled in on-campus units to register online for activity groups including lectures, tutorials, seminars etc.
  • Note: off-campus and online units do not have classes scheduled and therefore will not appear on the STAR system.
  • You can access STAR via the Student Connect website. (Use the same username and password you used to enrol.)
  • STAR will be accessible to students from 9am Monday 10 February to 12pm Sunday 16 February 2014.


The DUSA Bookshop is your bookstore at Deakin University campuses in Burwood, Geelong and Warrnambool. The bookstores stock textbooks, reference books, Deakin course materials, general books, stationery and gifts.

You can check if there are any recommended books for you to buy by searching the ‘Student Booklist’ section on the DUSA bookshop website.

Cloud Deakin

‘Cloud Deakin’ is Deakin's virtual learning environment and is central to the Deakin learning experience. Cloud Deakin is used to deliver web-based course/unit material, assessment tasks and facilitate communication and collaboration between staff and students.

You can access Cloud Deakin for all your units on the following website:


Deakin's Orientation program is designed specifically for all new students and helps you make a great start to university life. You are strongly encouraged to attend O Week as it is packed with activities at both Faculty and University level, that will enable you to meet other students and staff, become familiar with your campus sand learn more about your course. For Trimester 1 2014, O Week will be from 3-7 March 2014.

You can access more information and download your specific itinerary from the Transition web site.


Faculty Peer Mentoring Program

Are you nervous about starting University? The Faculty of Arts and Education has a Peer Mentor program to assist first year students through their transition into life at University. Please refer to the following website for further information:


Got a question? Who should I contact?

For course specific and enrolment enquiries, please contact the Faculty of Arts and Education’s Student Services offices below:


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Tel: +61 3 5227 3379 or or +61 3 5227 2477
email: artsedstudentsupport@deakin.edu.au
Melbourne Burwood Campus
Tel: +61 3 9246 8100
email: artsedstudentsupport@deakin.edu.au
Warrnambool Campus
Tel: +61 3 5563 3489
email: artsedstudentsupport@deakin.edu.au

Off Campus Distance Education
Tel: +61 3 5227 1359
email: artsedstudentsupport@deakin.edu.au
Tel: +61 3 5227 2202
email: artsedstudentsupport@deakin.edu.au


Tel: +61 3 9246 8100 or +61 3 5227 1486
email: artsed-pg@deakin.edu.au






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