Dr Debra Bateman is the Pearson Education Australia ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year 2011

The Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) makes an annual award in partnership with Pearson Education Australia recognising outstanding practice and commitment to Teacher Education.

In 2011, the Pearson Education Australia ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year is Dr Bateman of Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus.

Dr Debra Bateman is a passionate Teacher Educator specialising in Futures Education within the Discipline Group of Humanities, Societies and Environments which she coordinates. She also works more broadly across the University in her role with the Higher Education Research Group (HERG). Dr Bateman has been recognised for her innovative pedagogies and entrepeneurship in designing the Raymond Trotter Flexible Learning Space. As part of her commitment to evolving practices within teacher education, she has worked alongside others to renew their practices through professional learning and ongoing support. In accepting her award at a dinner at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in July, Dr Bateman acknowledged the wonderful colleagues she had had the opportunity to work with at Deakin University's School of Education, past and present and the schools and partners she enjoys great relationships with.

Dr Bateman at the MCG with chequeDr Bateman with award


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