ARC Discovery Success

The School of Education wishes to congratulate Professor Trevor Gale for his recent ARC Discovery with Dr Russell Cross of (University of Melbourne) and Dr Carmen Mills (University of Queensland) announced today. Well done Trevor.

leichaSocial justice dispositions informing teachers' pedagogy in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools.

This research expands understanding of social justice dispositions informing teaching practice in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools. It explores how these dispositions emphasize different practices for teachers in different contexts. Dispositions are revealed through interrogation of official school/system accounts of social justice and stimulated recalls/reflections of teacher practice, analyzed from critical sociological and cultural-historic psychological perspectives. Significantly, it addresses how educational advantage and disadvantage are enacted, not just accrued, at a time when the gap between them is widening. It contributes new conceptual tools for transforming social justice research, policy and teaching practice.








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