Recent ARC Linkage Successes

Congratulations to the following School of Education staff on their recent ARC Linkage Successes:

Title: Doing Diversity: Intercultural Understanding in primary and secondary Schools
Research team: Prof. Christine Halse (DU), Prof. Fethi Mansouri (DU), A/Prof. Julianne Moss (DU), Dr Ruth Arber (DU), Dr Scott Webster (DU), A/Prof. Colin Arrowsmith (RMIT), Dr Naomi Priest (Melbourne), Dr Nida Denson (UWS). 
Industry Partners: Together for Humanity Foundation, Victorian DEECD, Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Pukunui Technology (Moodle).
Administering Institution: Deakin University
Total Funding: $630,000

This study addresses questions of national and international educational and social significance: what facilitates/impedes intercultural understanding (ICU) in children/ adolescents and schools? How can these be addressed? How can we know what makes a difference? It uses a cultural systems approach, methodological and technological innovations, and a large-scale national study alongside longitudinal multimethod, multicohort studies in schools. It will produce the first psychometrically validated ICU assessment instruments, national ICU benchmarks, and explain national ICU ‘hot&cold’ spots; and identify critical incidents in the biographical formation of ICU and effective school strategies for improving ICU outcomes in children/adolescents. 

Title: Innovative partnerships for youth engagement in education and work
Research Team: Prof Karen Starr and Dr Damian Blake will be part of a team with a project located at University of Melbourne with Prof.  John Polesel; Prof Jack Keating Mr David J; Gallagher, Mr David S Michaels.
Project Summary:
The project is a partnership between two universities (Deakin University and the University of Melbourne) and eight school system agencies across three states (Victoria, NSW and SA). The project will examine how collaboration between school systems, employers and other providers can enhance applied learning in secondary schools and build youth engagement with education and work.
Partner Organisations:
Catholic Education Office (SA), Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, Catholic Education Commission of NSW, SA Department of Education and Children's Services, NSW Department of Education and Communities, Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales
Total Funding: $529,000 ($340K from ARC + $189K from partners)



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