DEEWR Longitudinal Teacher Workforce Main Study

Congratulations to Diane Mayer, Richard Bates, Brenton Doecke, Julianne Moss, Jodie Kline, Bernadette Walker-Gibbs & Alex Kostogriz for their work in attracting further funding of ($705,500)  for this project.

This study provides a research framework to track teacher education graduates and capture workforce data. The framework derives from an existing longitudinal study (an ARC Linkage Project), involving surveys of 2010 teacher education graduates and principals in Victoria and Queensland. This will be replicated with appropriate modifications and implemented in the other states and territories in 2011 in order to capture 2011 graduates.

The Longitudinal Teacher Workforce Main Study will track all 2011 teacher education graduates in Australia through a series of surveys over a two-year period, collecting data on the impact of pre-service and in-service education and experiences on teacher quality, supply and distribution. It will generate data relating to teacher shortages, career trajectories and aspirations, and the impact of significant social and economic events on teacher labour markets.


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